Wealthy Affiliate (WA) Review on 2018

∼My Real-Life Experience to Start a Succesful Online Business∼

My name is Rajratna and my online success began when I joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2017.

The main reasons to do this review is to:

  • Solve your struggle to make money online
  • Show you the exact method to earn money online
  • Stops you from wasting your hard earned money on Scammy Course.
  • Show you my online Success

To start successful online entrepreneurship, you need a proper training course at a reasonable price. So nowadays it’s very hard to find a good training program to learn online marketing. Many programs don’t work, some might work but they charge very high price.

I know the pain when we lose money and time.

When I started to find how to make money online in 2015, I had no idea where to start and I joined many training programs but I couldn’t get any result and I just waste my time & money.

But finally, I got my breakthrough in Wealthy Affiliate.

I am keep learning and now with the skill and knowledge provided here through the training, tools and the support of the community, I have started my own “Digital Marketing Consultant” business in my hometown.

Without further discussion, let’s dive into deeper and we see some of the key aspects of the Wealthy Affiliate based on the following topic:
  1. Introduction of WA
  2. Training and Education they provide
  3. About the Tools
  4. WA Support
  5. Benefit we get
  6. Members Pricing
  7. Conclusion

Years In Indusrty


Quality of Training


Satisfied Members


Tools & Support

Introduction of Wealthy Affiliate (WA):

The Wealthy Affiliate provides a high-quality online marketing training program for the Online Elearnhubs-Wealthy-Affiliate-Review-Kyle-&-Carsonbusiness owner, and it was started in 2005 by two young Canadian enthusiastic called Kyle and Carson.

The primary objective of WA is to provide the best education and training platform for the online entrepreneur or the online marketer to make them successful and to keep them ahead of the competition.

As mentioned, they are more than 13years in the market and helped over 1.5 Million internet entrepreneurs. They have already provided 750+ training sessions. In last year itself, they contributed over 217,530 online marketers to start their First business.


Training and Education:

In WA you can learn from the basic to advance level stuff and the Wealthy Affiliate is like a University for the online business owner. They provide very simple and easy to follow step by step training, which is suitable for both newbie and advanced marketer.

Also, there is a comment area within the training, where you can ask any question related to the training topic, which can answer by either the founder or any other member.

For our easy understanding, I have divided the training provided here with Four formats:

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification Course,
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Course,
  • Live training &
  • Community training.

Online Entrepreneur Certification Courses:

It includes 5 Level of certification courses, as given below:

  1. Online Entrepreneur Certification Course ( Level 1 )
  2. Building Your traffic Production Website (Level 2)
  3. Online Entrepreneur Certification – Making Money! (Level 3)
  4. Online Entrepreneur Certification – Mastering Social Engagement (Level 4)
  5. The Business of Content- Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation (Level 5)

Core Training (Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started Level 1):

As you get enrol with the Starter Account (which is FREE), you will allow to taking the 1st course which is called “Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started Level 1”. It included ten lessons which will get you to familiarise with the basic concept of Online Business.

As you go along with the training, after the end of each l you will be required to complete some action based task. Which is Awesome because it keeps you engaged and hands-on with the training.eLearnHubs-Core-Training

The other level 2 to 5 courses are for premium members only. Which provide you with a more in-depth and advanced level of training.

All these certification courses are fantastic, and what I love the most is you will get this at no extra cost. Whereas, some other training providers charge some thousands of money to teach this stuff.

Key Points:

  • Level 1 course is very detailed and action based training
  • Level 2 to 5 courses are more in-depth and gives you a kick-start to making money online
  • Inside each training module, there is an area where you can ask any specific question about the training, and you will be answered within a few minutes.

Affiliate Bootcamp Course   

This training course is a 7 phase series of classes. Which is mainly teach you how to promote Wealthy Affiliate in different platform and by promoting WA you can earn some income.

The good thing is after few days you could pay your membership fee by using your commission earned here.
WA gives an opportunity for both “Startup” and “Premium” member to earn a commission, but there is more percentage for premium member only.

Key Points:

  • All courses are comprehensive and simple to follow.
  • Action based and it gives you a foundational knowledge about the affiliate/online marketing which is very essential to know for every online entrepreneur.

 Live training

To keep us updated with the present online marketing strategy, Wealthy Affiliate conduct a Live Video Training classes every weekend. Where you will learn the step-by-step process on every different relevant topic. It caters from basic level to advanced level training.

I like the world famous Live Q & A session, where you can directly ask any question to the expert. If you ask any issue in the live chat section, the coach Mr Jay Nail will answer your question live which helps you to advance in your business fast.eLearnHubs-WA-Live-Training

I’m sure that you could have attended any live training session, where they come up with some upselling or product to buy at the end of each w. But I’m proud to say that in WA live training there is no such upselling things happen.

All the live training is recorded, and the “Replay” is available within 24hrs in your member area. For any reason, if you couldn’t attend the webinar, you can watch it later. After each session, you can leave a review and rate the training. Here are some of the reviews what Wealthy Affiliate members think about the live training.



Key Points:

  • Each live training session are weekly and covers the essential range of topic
  • No upselling during the live webinar
  • Indeed, the live Q & A helps you to resolve your issue, and you can watch all the webinar, replay in your member area.

Community Training

Another best thing about Wealthy Affiliate is the community, the caringness and selfless help of the community which moves you forward.

After being a premium member when you gain some sort of experience, you will be given an opportunity to create your training and publish them in Wealthy Affiliate. So the other member could get help through your training.

This is awesome because it creates an opportunity to learn a different set of skill from other members who are good at various skills.

For example, if you want to learn how to make your website GDPR compliance. So there is step-by-step training available on how to add a GDPR compliance plugin to make your site become GDPR compliance.

You can like, review and rate the training so that other members can benefit from that training. There is a strict rule not to promote your stuff within the community training and the admin staff always monitors it.

Key Points:

  • Beside other training, the community training widen the door to learn more things
  • Also, you can earn from your training depending on the popularity of it
  • All practice should comply with the spam policy of WA.

The Tools

Likewise, to run any business (offline or online), you must need some sort of tools that bring you results and ease of use it. Let’s dive into it and will see more about the toolset.

WA Keyword Research Tool

The WA Keyword Research Tools helps you to know your audience behaviour. What the people use the search term to find some information on Google.

eLearnHubs-Keyword-Research-ToolIf you know the exact search term, then it is easier to rank your website on the first page of Google. So you can get more visitor to your site which will make you more profit.

It’s very easy to use and using this tool you will know the average keyword search volume in a given month, competition level of that keyword, keyword quality, SEO score based on the traffic and the competition, and the domain available for that keyword.

So based on this data you can lay out a strategic plan on how to establish your online business which delivers results and profit.

Website Builder 

Wealthy Affiliate offers you a platform to create your stunning WordPress website. It uses SiteRubix tool which helps you to set up your site with ease.

Usually, I’ve found that for installing WordPress you have to do a bunch of tasks. So if you’re not familiar with it, then it could be a very tedious process for you. But using SiteRubix, you can install your site within 60 seconds by just following the simple four steps system:

  1. Just choose which kind of website you want to build? On a free domain or your domain.
  2. Choose a domain name for your website
  3. Enter a title for your website
  4. Choose a design for your website

So using these four steps, you can easily install your website, and now you can spend some time to design and adding content to your site.

Site Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate provides one of the best hosting services around the year, and it keeps up with the industry standard.

The WA site hosting makes a hassle-free experience when it comes to hosting our site. It integrates the SiteRubix and Site Domains which makes 10X easier our website building experience.

Here are some of the feature of WA Hosting

  • Fully WordPress optimised and high-speed servers
  • SSL (HTTPS) secured hosting anywhere
  • 30GB Website space
  • Full Bandwidth (500K Visitors/mth)
  • Site Builder
  • Full Redundancy
  • Daily Website Backup
  • 24/7 Access to Site Admins
  • Email Accounts (Unlimited)
  • BotNet Security
  • Site Health Suggestion
  • Website Auto Login

All the benefits are included with your Premium membership, and there is no extra cost to pay